Definition of the Tourbillon

Since Abraham Louis Breguet, the great watchmaker who patented the Tourbillon Regulator in June 26, 1801 many are those who have tried to perfect this system

At the time of Abraham Louis Breguet, the Tourbillon represented a real progress in watch

In our days, it is only the witness of great artisanal competence and skills. Nevertheless, the making of a Tourbillon is and will always be true performance and its observation on the wrist creates a real  fascination.



Definition of Tourbillon :

The frame of the tourbillon contains the regulating mechanism (balance wheel with hairspring) and the lever escapement, making one revolution in one minute.
The rotation of the  whole device around the axis
of the frame suppresses effects of friction or other effects caused by unbalanced components and earth’s gravity.


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